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1 People DANISH LUXURY fashion design using only the best SUSTAINABLE and ETHICAL materials to create a unique and unforgettable product experience of the highest quality and a perfect finish, always, and without any compromises. Sustainable Ethically-Made We have a constant focus on material health. We want to deliver good, reliable and safe products to our customers. We want to protect public health and, therefore, our products are safe to use and we never compromise on this. We don’t sell products with any kind of unsafe or unhealthy chemicals, hormone-disrupting materials, toxins or heavy metals.
Allkind launched in 2020 with a clear ethos to offer beautiful and desirable, non-animal origin vegan footwear. Our core focus is around ethical and sustainable production. Our products are designed in Britain and lovingly & ethically handmade in Spain. All our products are 100% vegan. We are passionate about sustainability and using eco-materials and we have worked closely with experts to produce designer shoes whilst sourcing the finest materials. All our materials are great alternatives to traditional, and in our opinion, outdated leather. These include Microfiber, PU, PL, Cotton, Natural or Recycled Rubber and upcycled materials. We prioritise recycled and recyclable options wherever we can. The beautiful soles on our shoes are made from 100% recycled material as are our shoeboxes and even our business cards are made from recycled t-shirts. Our goal is to produce everyday must have classic designs without any compromise. This in itself makes a contribution to the overall reduction in the usage of... More
Amschela is an affordable luxury accessory design brand, born in the UK. Focused on encapsulating the intrinsic charm of the modern-day contemporary woman. Our handbags are timeless with a fun aspect, adhering to the individual character of the wearer navigating life from day to night. We strive to ensure that our handbags are created with our client’s personality and character central to our vision. Amschela strives to use high quality, environmentally friendly, certified materials that are sustainable, serve to reduce our carbon footprint and are not harmful to animals. Embracing our social responsibility is embedded in our future roadmap.
Ana Dyla
Ana Dyla is an ethical jewellery for the conscious souls. The essence of Ana Dyla is to shine with jewellery, let your personality speak and dare to make a statement for a better world. We focus on active work for an honest and better world through fair products of a transparent and sustainable source. Ana Dyla is here for every woman, flow with a bit of elegance, edgy raw touch and pure. Woman inspire us. Independent. Dedicated. Pure. Unique. Beautiful woman who know how to get the best out of everything. Working to build their empire and fulfill their dreams. Strength combined with weakness, power with challenges and struggles but never give up. Yes we do need to take time for ourselves. Step back, look up and make the right choices. Don’t let the world rule you, rule your world. We believe in a world where we have the responsibility to make the world a bit more honest, sustainable and better with our choices. With every purchase you help us create 100 fair jobs. All of our pieces are made from solid... More
Aroop Shop India
AROOP, born in the culture centric city of Jaipur, celebrates the art of dressing – it denotes“extremely beautiful” in Sanskrit. Our fabrics are custom-woven in India. The label stands for fashion that is rooted, timeless and speaks of quality craftsmanship. Comfortable fabrics, subdued colours with intrinsic silhouettes are the brand’s identity. We strive to ensure minimum waste while producing every bit of clothing and upcycle left-over small scraps 
ELEGANCE BY ESSENCE For us, fashion is above all a question of elegance: feminine, timeless clothes which we want you to be able to wear for a long time, all the time. We have opted for small collections with permanent styles, so that you can always find your favorite pieces. Designed by craftswomen with irreproachable know-how, our creations are wardrobe essentials with subtils and refined details. Since we aspire to consume less but better, we always give preference to quality rather than quantity to propose stylish clothes that are both beautiful and responsible. We work in small quantities in order to limit stocks as much as possible, and we have great flexibility to replenish quickly since we produce next door. WE ONLY HAVE ONE PLANET We are convinced that stylish clothes are even more beautiful when they are eco-friendly. Guided by these values from the beginning, we accept no compromise. Each of our customers deserves to wear clothes that celebrate their femininity without the need to... More
Baldy And The Fidget
We are Baldy and The Fidget... aka husband and wife team Angus and Heidi Griffin. We will let you guess who is who!  We both come from a creative, ‘arty’ background. Heidi studied print for fashion at Central St Martins and ran her own global fashion accessory business. Angus was headhunted to work in the top repro house in South Africa where he successfully worked for many years before moving on to work in ad agencies. Imagination and creativity have always been important in our lives.   As time went on, we created our own mini Baldy and Fidget (he was bald and definitely a fidget!). Our sketches and scribbles were pushed aside to make way for this lovely little chap.   As the whirlwind calmed, we realised how much we had missed putting pencil to paper.   In 2015 Baldy And The Fidget was born.  We create light hearted museum quality prints and cards to make you smile. All of our pieces are lovingly created by us in East London, England. Angus creates ideas and... More
Beauty Kitchen
Beauty Kitchen® was born from our belief that the world deserves 100% natural skincare and cosmetics without the use of chemical preservatives. Our products are hand-made fresh at our facilities in the USA, and are always Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, and Sulfate-Free. Our mission is to provide an all-encompassing, luxurious at-home spa experience for the modern day glamour girl at an affordable price.