About Us


We need to make the world a better place, however we can. For Allto, this means that we consider how we can help others and the earth in all that we do. (When business has purpose, beyond just profit, it will change the world).

Our mission is to connect customers with businesses that care about the future and to set a better example for conscious-commerce. Of our profits – we give all to projects that help people and heal the planet.


We are environmentalists and a people & planet first company.




People – Every one of us deserves the right to not just survive, but to thrive in our lifetimes. There is no reason why some people don’t have access to clean water, food and other basic necessities, while others have more than they can possibly use in their lifetimes. Together we can create a world where children aren’t dying of thirst or starvation and where we all have opportunities to grow and shine. 


Planet – Every animal, plant, person or thing – owes its existence to the earth. This jewel of a planet is the source of all life and how we could ever do anything to harm it, is inexplicable. Together we can create a world where we consider our planet in all we do and ensure that nature, ‘our nature’, is protected and flourishing. 


Purpose – Businesses need to be held to a higher standard and should exist to serve people and the planet. This is a simple philosophy and easy to implement. As consumers, every time we make a purchase we get to decide where to spend our money and if a business doesn’t care, then they should no longer be enabled. Together we can ensure that future businesses are created to contribute to a better life on earth by supporting only those that help.